Our Logo

During the fall semester of 2010, the DePaul MBA Association set out to revitalize the MBA Association logo with a new, vibrant, and contemporary logo that uniquely identifies the DePaul MBA Association.  The MBA Association logo is proudly displayed on the website, newsletters, various mailings, and at MBA Assocation events.  And, you will see it displayed above at the top of this very website.

The blue color of the logo is proudly similar to the blue colors used in the DePaul branding.

The “mba” lettering in the logo is larger than the other text so that the logo clearly defines us as the proud MBA Association that we are.

And, the imagery within the “mba” lettering is representative of an offshoot from a new planting, a new bud.  Essentially, it is the impressive adventure that stems from a newly planted seed.  The seed represents the education that current students and alumni have received from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.  And the offshoot represents each and every one of us that have attended this prestigous University.